Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow Ice Cream

So last Saturday, after we had played outside in the snow to our hearts' content, we came in for some hot chocolate and cookies. And snow ice cream. Snow ice cream, you say? Is that an April Fools joke? No! I'll tell you how to do it. Of course, now you may have to wait til next winter to try it for yourself.

First you get some clean, fresh snow. If your husband gets it for you, you get a huge amount: Yes, we made cookies that morning while waiting for it to stop snowing. They are called Pride of Kansas Cookies. Yummy! And while we had a snowstorm outside, we had a tornado inside, so don't look at the mess.

Put however much snow you want to use in another bowl and add heavy whipping cream if you have it, if you don't, whole milk or even 2% will do. Keep adding cream(or milk) until you get a good consistency. Also add in sugar and vanilla to taste. That's it!
It seems like I remember something we had as a kid called Ice Milk that came in a container like ice cream. Anyone else remember that?
Here is Dominic, eating his cookie and snow ice cream, and drinking his hot chocolate. No matter how long you have been playing out in the snow, you can always eat a little snow ice cream!
After a while the sun actually came out and everything looked so beautiful. All the ice-covered trees just sparkled in the sunshine.
And one more picture of that snowman!

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