Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Crazy Cow Caper

On the Sunday morning of the weekend we spent at my parents' house in June, some of the kids went outside after breakfast before it was time to get ready for Mass.  One of the kids came running in saying there was some animal by our car, and they thought it was a baby cow, and it was outside the fence.  So we all went out to see.  Lo and behold, there was a newborn calf, which had somehow gotten through the fence, sitting down in the corner of the front yard.  The owners of the cows rent my parents' pasture so they have a place to keep their cows.
The kids were entranced by the little calf.

Anthony had no fear.

I think they wanted to sit and play with the calf all day.

We have since had a few requests for a baby cow as a pet!

The poor thing was mooing for its momma.

When the owners came with their ATV, Dan picked up the cow and placed it in the back, with the help of my brother-in-law, Paul.

Paul climbed into the back with the calf to hold it down while they took it out to the momma cow.

Heading out to the cows.

The calf is out and free.

Momma cow and calf are reunited.  A happy ending!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family Get-Together

On the very last weekend in June, we travelled to the Kansas City area to visit my family.  All of my siblings and their families came at some point over the weekend.  Father Brian, who is currently a chaplain in the Air Force, was shortly going to be deployed to the Middle East, so it was nice for all of us to be together before he left.

We got to my parents' house on Saturday morning.  My sister, Heidi, and her family from Texas were already there.
Cousins eating lunch on the front porch.

Andrew and Matthew.

Playing games in the backyard.

Who's going to catch the ball?

Anne on the new horse swing.

Catherine and Anthony.

Hold on!

My sister and her youngest.

Anthony liked the six-toed cat.

Anne see-sawed with Grandma.

After dinner, it was time to make s'mores.

First we had to get everything ready.

Boys and fire.  Kind of scary.

To be continued...

Friday, August 23, 2013

More June Pictures

In late June, we picked all the cherries off our cherry tree.  Last year we got one cup of cherries.  This year we got enough to make a cherry pie!
Cherries were pitted and ready to go!

The pie with a cherry on top.

I barely managed to get a picture of a piece of pie before we ate it all.  It was yummy!

Catherine used her little patty pan to make a tiny apple pie with the leftover pie dough.

We went to Lego Club at our library at the end of June.  I can't remember what the theme was, but the kids sure had fun.  
Joseph and a new friend, with their creation.

Dominic with his Lego build.

Do you see a kid near the top of the tree?
It's Joseph!

We had a wild storm roll through one evening and this is what it left behind:

Our tomato plants had a lot of green tomatoes on them, so one day I made some green tomato salsa: 
It was tasty.

Then, on June 28, the girls came excitedly rushing into the house:
They were so proud!

Our very first eggs!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pictures From June

In mid-June, there was a day when the Schwan's truck stopped at our house.  The driver was lucky that Dan was already home, because I probably would have just sent him on his way, especially as it was just about time for dinner.  Dan has fond memories of Schwan's from his childhood, so the kids were excited when he got a box of ice cream treats.
Orange sherbet push-ems!

Also in the middle of June, the twins had their regular dentist cleaning and checkup.  Joseph was very upset because it wasn't his turn.
The protest.

By that time in June, we had had our dog, Biscuit for a couple of months.
Anthony and Biscuit.

Anne giving Biscuit some attention.

Time for basketball:
Joseph took a shot.

Dominic studied the basket.

And the shot went in! 

Does this look safe?

Much better.

It is amazing how killdeer birds will make their nests on the ground, then when something or someone approaches, the mama bird will start making noise and dragging her "broken" wing on the ground trying to lure the threat away from the nest.  The kids liked seeing that in action.
One crazy bird made a nest right in our driveway!  See the egg?  Eventually there were three.

A few garden pictures from the second half of June:

Catherine watering the cucumber plants.

The garden looking all fresh and new!

Rows of corn.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Twins Are Eight!

 Since today is Dominic and Anne's Baptism Day, it is only fitting that I finally write about their 8th birthday, which occurred a week and a half ago.  They had a great couple days of birthday celebration!

Twins forever!

A present apiece after breakfast!

Littlest brother found a good use for wrapping paper.

After lunch, Dan took the twins to a movie, with popcorn and pop!  What excitement!  They got to see Smurfs 2.  For dinner they chose Shrimp Kebabs and Shrimp Cocktail.  Mmm! Then, it was time for the main present action.
Anne with her Fun Foals Gift Set.

A new camera!

A camera for Anne, too!

Dom watched Anne.

Anne watched Dom.

All the kids watched Anne as she opened her final gift...

Jasmine, the pony, just what she always wanted!

And the Dominic finale.

You can see he was very excited.

His Rippin' Rocket 2 Coaster!

 After a while, it was time for cakes times two:
Dominic and his Darth Vader cake.  All chocolate.

Anne requested a My Little Ponies cake.
The next day, the twins got to choose where we'd eat out for dinner.  They chose the Burger King with the playground, of course!
Happy girls!  Anthony was mad because I didn't give him any pop.

Dominic up high.

Anne and Dominic, 8 years old!

I really like this picture.

 By the following day, I think, Dominic had managed to put together his entire roller coaster by himself, even though the box said age 9+.  He was proud of that fact.  
The boys sat and watched the roller coaster car zoom around for a long time.