Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Successes - 14

1) I finally drove the 40 minutes to get to the monthly Catholic Homeschool preschool playgroup. And I was well rewarded. I met some very nice women and there were lots of kids for mine to play with. At a new playground, nonetheless, at least to them. It was especially nice to go to something where you meet new people and you don't have to answer questions about your "large" family. In fact, it was refreshing to hear not one comment of Are they all yours? and You've sure got your hands full. We will definitely be going back again.

2) Dan and I finally made it out on a date! Which we've been going to do since our anniversary back in February. On Sunday late afternoon/early evening we dropped the kids off at Dan's brother's house, which left them in charge of 9 children. Woo-hoo! Thank you!
We went to the Bonefish Grill, which was excellent. Definitely somewhere we would never take the kids. And what was the occasion for our date? My birthday, which is today! Which brings me to:

3) I helped the kids make me a birthday cake. When they wake up from their naps, we are going to frost it and I will let them decorate it with jelly beans.

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ViolinMama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! You deserve a special day, and it sounds like you have, plus a great week! Congrats on everything!!!

The Butterfields said...

Happy Birthday! :)
So nice to get out on a date, its rare for us too, but makes it all the more special when it does happen. :)

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

Thank you both! I had a wonderful day!

Eric Klingele said...

Happy Birthday from the Bonner Spring's Klingeles! Sorry for being late.

Your new hair looks great! We love your blog. Sarah and I are talking about coming to Wichita sometime over the summer.


Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

Thanks Eric! Hey, that would be fun to see you guys. Summer will be here before we know it.