Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009 - Part 1

For Easter weekend we were able to go up to my parents' house, as were all of my siblings and their families. I got to meet my little nephew, Matthew. Isn't he cute? A little too close-up of me, but hey, when you've got an adorable baby as an accessory, nobody looks at you anyway.
My mom was brave enough to let the grand kids staying at her house color Easter eggs on Holy Saturday. Only one egg got dropped on the floor, courtesy of Joseph, and no permanent dye stains were found on anything important. (I should check with my mom for verification on that one!) The kids loved it!
Easter Sunday the kids were dressed in their finest. Here are the twins, with a "normal" smile from Dominic actually caught on camera.
This picture of Joseph is just so cute, I could eat him up. Isn't he the little man?
And the whole family poses for a picture. This was even taken after Easter Sunday Mass, which was extremely packed. We got there 20 minutes early and barely got a seat. Our family of 6 somehow squished into one kneeler-length of pew, which would normally be for 2 adults. Let's just say, we got a little hot at that Mass! And squirmy. And for some reason Joseph decided to talk, a lot, during much of the Mass. It would have near impossible to take him out, so we had to tolerate it (as did the people around us, oops). At least he wasn't crying.
Then it was time for the big Easter egg hunt. My dad got a kick out of hiding all the Ester eggs and then all 12 grand kids were let loose to find them! The ones that could walk, that is.

Dominic finds another one!
The girls are on the hunt:
Daddy helps Joseph open his eggs. He seems surprised to find that there is candy in them.
Oh, yeah, we've got to sample the loot!

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