Friday, April 3, 2009

Frozen In Time

Okay, you can probably tell we haven't had much snow this past winter. I promise, this is the last post on our snowstorm! I just had to put on these pictures of all the ice and icicles. Look at this little tree. It was bent to the ground and the wind was blowing strong. As I got closer I could hear an eerie sound. The wind was scraping the icy branches across the icy ground. Like glass on glass. I don't know if you can see it, but there were some long icicles (>1foot) hanging from the mailbox. This tree is all decked out in ice jewels and if you look closely at the house behind, you can see that each row of siding has its own set of icicles.
The swing set was all crazy. Icicles from every surface. Even the swings, which were swinging wildly in the wind, had many icicles hanging from them.
The pergola on the deck was really impressive, looking like some medieval torture chamber, with all of the icicles lined up in perfect rows.
Catherine was worried about the flowers, encased in ice and covered with snow.
The blooming trees were also ice-encrusted and the blooms were frozen in time. Alas, after the thaw, it looks like spring never started, as we lost the leaves and blooms from the trees. I guess we have to start over again.
What a strange spectacle seeing all the green locked away in an icy prison.
It was all fun while it happened, but hopefully we are done with that for this year. Time for the real Spring to emerge!

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