Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Sunday

The kids were very excited to find Easter baskets and new books on the table when they got up. And even more excited when they got to eat a few pieces of chocolate for "dessert" after breakfast!

We got to Mass extra early, which was a good thing, because it was packed. Afterwards, there was an Easter Egg Hunt at our church.

Even the Easter Bunny showed up. Joseph and Anne went over to say hi.

And pose for a picture. Two other little somebodies were a little leery of Peter Cottontail.

Mommy and the children. Luckily, Anthony stayed asleep in his carseat, as it was very windy that day.

And speaking of Anthony!

Back at home, we took some pictures out front. Dominic is looking through his "binoculars" at something.

We took this picture at the perfect time, as shortly all the blooms were blown off the magnolia bush behind the kids. A pity too, because those blossoms smell heavenly.

Anthony dressed in his Easter best.

After a big ham dinner and lots of candy, what is a good way to burn off lots of energy? Easter egg hunts (with empty eggs!) for about 2 hours straight!

After the first hunt with a few squabbles and tears, Dan hid eggs for each of the kids in turn. Here Catherine is finding one in a tree.

Looking for more.

Dominic finds one by the grotto.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Still Easter!

I helped the kids dye Easter eggs on Holy Saturday. It went so fast I almost forgot to take any pictures. I seem to remember the process taking longer when I was a kid, but I was probably older. Some of these eggs got the 30 second bath in the dye. :)

Only 2 eggs got knocked onto the floor, by our resident 2.5 year old pictured above. Our dye kit came with stickers, so here he is, as well as Catherine, happily decorating his barely dry eggs.

The twins show off their Easter eggs. I got out the eggs for all the kids to eat on Easter Sunday evening and we quickly blew through 12 of them (I ate two). They loved to peel and eat them. I don't remember now who ate three, but two of them did.

Anthony, our little Easter bunny, at 2.5 weeks of age.

Look, he's trying to hop down the bunny trail!

Monday, April 26, 2010

How You Know It Is Monday

When you deal with three tantrums before 8:00(AM!), then you know it must be Monday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Funny From Anne

Anne: Mommies are better than Daddies.

Mommy, laughing: Why is that, Anne?

Anne: Because Mommies have cute, little babies come.

(True, Anne, true, but Daddies have a little something to do with it. I don't think I'll be talking to her about that for a few more years, though!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The First Outing

When Anthony was a little over 2 weeks old, I ventured out with all the kids by myself for the first time since he was born. Luckily I did not have to be anywhere at any certain time, because I was not able to get out of the house until 10:30! This was Holy Thursday and it was supposed to be the last nice day for a few days. The kids were super excited to go to the playground, and I think they ran nonstop for at least an hour.

Look at me, Mommy!

I wish I had a video of this, because I caught Joseph doing his little Joseph dance, which is really funny.

They had a blast going down the big spiral slide and the game was to have everyone end up at the bottom together.

Catherine, the biggest monkey!
Anthony was snuggled in his carseat and stashed in the stroller, covered with a blanket because it was super windy. So he did not make it into the pictures this time.
I do have to say, we went again to the playground this morning and met up with some friends, as in meet at a certain time. Fortunately, I had a time frame of 9:30-10:00 to meet, so I got there with 5 minutes to spare. We actually were able to leave the house by 9:40 this time, so we are improving.

Getting Into The Garden

These pictures are from a month ago. Even though it was a little wet, Dan was able to plant the first few things in the garden. The kids were anxious to help. Here is the first row, ready for radishes.

Oh, my, a little boy's dream. Lots and lots of mud and water to play in!

And yes, there were still a few piles of snow sitting around, left from that March blizzard on the day of Anthony's baptism. So Joseph got to work.

Shovel, shovel, shovel. He was as happy as a clam. And hey, at least the snow "cleaned" off some of the mud!

Too Cute To Pass Up

These pictures are of Anthony when he was not quite a week old.

Tummy time!

Trying to lift his little head up.
Maybe someday I'll get caught up to current time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After scolding the boys for playing in their room when supposed to be napping, I stood outside their door for a minute and this is what I heard:

Dominic: I don't like Mommy as much.

Joseph: Yeah, I don't like Mommy.

Dominic: When Mommy is nice to us, I like Mommy.

Joseph: I like Mommy.

Dominic: When Mommy is mean to us, I don't like Mommy as much.

Joseph: Yeah, I don't like Mommy as much.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Bath At Home

When Anthony was about 5 days old, he got his first bath at home. Since his umbilical cord had not yet fallen off, he got a sponge bath. He did not like that part all too much...

...but oh, how he liked getting wrapped up in a big towel and then getting his hair washed!

A nice, clean baby all ready to snuggle with Daddy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anthony Joseph, A New Child Of God

Look closely on that cake and you'll see that Anthony was baptized 4 weeks ago today, when he was only 4 days old. We didn't want to wait too long, and Palm Sunday and Easter were coming, and my sister was due with her baby 2 weeks after me (Clara Grace, born Mar. 30th!), so we chose to baptize him quickly. And let it be known that I did not do anything to prepare for this after Anthony was born, other than pick out clothes for myself and the kids.

Here is Anthony on his big day, with the first layer on.

He was irresistible to the boys.

And the girls.

All bundled into his carseat.

A view of the now maxed out min-van. Look at those coats. You'd think we were having a blizzard or something.

Well, as a matter of fact, we were! The day before was fine, but we woke up to the above. It was slick, too. We saw one car off the road on the way to the church. And the wind was blowing some good-size drifts. We almost didn't make it through one on the way back home. Unfortunately, the snow kept everyone from my family from coming. You don't exactly expect a blizzard when you are planning a baptism in the second half of March!

When we got to the church and unbundled everyone, I got Anthony ready for his big moment. He is wearing the Brungardt baptism gown and cap, which all our boys have now worn, as well as many cousins. Dan and some of his siblings wore this gown as well.

The pouring of the Holy Water and the words of the priest, and we now have a new little Child of God! A blessed moment! He didn't cry at all during his baptism.

Our family with our parish priest, Fr. Pat York.

Anthony with his proud parents.

The Brungardt family.

Resting after the big event.

How do you get 10 mostly small children to pose for a picture?

Promise them cake, of course! Dan's brother and his family were able to come to the baptism and provided much of the food for the little party afterwards!

Anthony Joseph Brungardt, with a clean soul and that spicy smelling head!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We Interrupt This Baby Story... wish Anthony a Happy One Month Birthday!!

He has started smiling on purpose within the past few days and the other kids get really excited if they see him smile. I do, too!

He weighs approximately 12 pounds now!

Oh, and I have to report that he started rolling over from front to back when he was 3 weeks old!
Now, back to catching up on the last few weeks.