Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Highlights From January

One day in January, the girls opened an art store.  Available were various drawings created by them. 

The sign on the front says "Closed."  The girls had to go to a doll emergency.

One late afternoon, we spent an hour at Lego Club at our library.  The theme was robots, so each child got busy creating his or her Lego robot.  
The four big kids got to attend. 

The twins hard at work.

Catherine and her creation.

Joseph put on the finishing touches.

 Joseph's godmother, and her family, came for a visit:
Joseph with Aunt Laurie.

 We made another trip to the zoo.  It was jacket weather that day!
Snack time!

Boys hamming for the camera.

Dominic checked out the bobcats.

The cute little meerkats were very interested in the popcorn!

My parents came for a visit on their way to Texas.
Grandma and the girls.

Jumper made for Catherine by her godmother.

Joseph's godfather sent him this cool aircraft carrier.

Grandma played games with the kids.  For some reason, I didn't get Grandpa in a picture!

And that was most of the January highlights!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating The New Year!

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated with some toasting!  With sparkling grape juice, of course.

Yes, it is glass.  No, he did not break it. 

Joseph was ready to say Cheers!

The girls say goodbye to 2012.

On New Year's Day, we had some new snow to play in:
Anthony got a ride out to the hill.

Daddy got Anthony started.


Catherine liked to eat some snow.

Anthony and Anne get ready to fly down the hill.

Cloudy, our long-suffering cat.


Anne and her little snowman.

Daddy hooked up the sled to the lawnmower.

Joseph and Dominic got the first ride.

Then Mommy got a mess!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Second Christmas Trip

A few days after Christmas, we went to Victoria, KS, to visit Dan's Mom.  I took a lot of pictures for two reasons.  First, I had gotten a new camera for Christmas.  Second, we went out hiking on the Sand Plum Nature Trail in the snow. 

"To Grandmother's house we go..."

Some presents were opened.

Grandma helped Joseph put on his new hat.

We went to visit the Nativity for which Dan's brother, Joe, built the stable.

Then we headed out onto the nature trail.

Dan's brother, Chuck, showed the kids some tracks in the snow and mud.

Like this turkey track.

We tramped across the snowy bridge.

And up the hill on the other side.

Daddy and the boys.

See the twin steeples in the background?

You absolutely must walk only on the snow if you are two.

Anthony tested out the turkey caller. 

Logs on the side of the trail cannot be ignored.


Climbing up out of the creek area.

Is this the javelin throw?


Mommy and the kids.  If you look close, you can see Catherine made a little snowman.

Back at Grandma's house, we were in time for a snack.

Big hug!

Dan and his sister, Julie.

On the way out of town, we stopped to visit Grandpa's grave and say a prayer.  Anthony obviously did not want to be in the picture.