Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter 2009 - Part 3

Since we were out of town on Easter, we had our own little Easter basket morning a couple of days later. It was during the Easter Octave after all. The kids were very excited to get to eat candy before breakfast! Here are Anne and Dominic:
Catherine and Joseph:

So, how much can we eat, Mom?

It was funny to watch each kid with their Easter basket and how they ate their candy. All of the kids went for the chocolate first and the jelly beans were the last items left. The older kids would just dig in and eat them one by one. Joseph however, was a different story. He loved to unwrap as many foil covered candies as he could until I took his basket away, and then he would take a couple of bites out of each one. When he was done, he was done, and the wreckage was left where it lay:
Note the little girl hands waiting to eat the leftovers as soon as Mommy was done taking the picture. (Shudder)

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