Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have never found a recall on our crib, which we got before Catherine was born, but as you can see it needed one.  I was going to put Anthony in there awake so I could do something, and when I pulled up the side, the hardware broke and the the whole drop-side just fell off.  It was hanging on by the ties from the bumper pad.  Maybe his guardian angel has been keeping him fussy at night so he wouldn't sleep in there and hurt himself.  We are grateful!  Thank you, God.

Christmas Fun With Cousins

Our children plus one family of cousins!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Afternoon Of Snowy Fun

The snow is nearly gone now, but a week ago Sunday, the whole family went out to play in the snow.  The kids went sledding, made snow angels, had snow ball fights.  Joseph was ready to launch a snow ball at the photographer (me).

Anthony loved being outside in the snow and lasted for about 30 minutes.  Until he fell over and got a face full of snow.  He didn't like that so much.

When you have a big sister like Catherine to help, even the 10 month old gets to go sledding.


I think he liked it!

Help! Another snow ball attack!

Anne was a crazy sledder and would just jump on the sled and ride down.

Oh, trouble is brewing from Mr. Joseph.

I'm sure big brother, Dominic, will be ready to help with that.

Next year, Anthony will be chasing his big brothers in the snow.  For now, he got a ride.  (The girls thought it was funny that he was wearing pink gloves, but that was what I could find when I was bundling him up.) 

A snow day parade!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mary Joseph!

Two years ago yesterday we lost our little baby, Mary Joseph.  So the kids and I made a cake with white frosting to celebrate her life. 

Mary Joseph, pray for us.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Travelling, Part II

We were able to make it out to Victoria, KS to visit Dan's mom on New Year's Day.  Here are the kids with Grandma in front of her Christmas tree.

Dominic and Anne are happy to open some presents.

Catherine is excited about some new pajamas.

Anthony is excited about the bag!

Our family, ready to go to Mass on Sunday.

Dan and the kids check out the nativity inside the church.

The nativity outside the church.  The kids were very interested in the snow as at the time they had not yet seen any this winter.

On the way home, I finally took pictures of the huge windmills we pass every time we go there.  I think they look neat, but I don't know if I'd feel the same if they were in my backyard. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anthony Turned 10 Months Old!

On Sunday, Anthony turned 10 months old.  This picture shows what he does while we are doing schoolwork.  He crawls/toddles around the kitchen and living room making a big mess.  Of course this happens when he is happy.  If he is not happy, then we are in trouble.

Here is what Anthony likes to do while I am making dinner.  He rotates amongst the various cabinets and drawers that he is able to open and pulls everything out. 

Yes, those are onions on the floor and yes, he is standing on a cooling rack.  Such a busy little guy is he.

His other favorite activity has been learning how to walk.  It is so funny when he does this to Catherine and walks along behind her.  He can walk about 10 steps or so.  He walks between the furniture and between people, but not yet from room to room. 

The kids think it is so funny when they see Anthony kneeling. 

Anthony is a funny baby.  He'll crawl on top of the kids when they are on the floor, which makes them laugh (as long as there is no biting involved!).  He tries to talk to us, and he cheers loudly whenever the kids do.  One day at dinner, when Dan was lecturing the kids about something they were not supposed to be doing, Anthony blew a big raspberry out of the blue and that effectively ended the lecture. 

This picture was taken on Sunday and it was his first time out in the snow.  He loved it!

Pictures From Christmas Day

After we went to Christmas morning Mass, we came back home and had a hot chocolate and marshmallows party. 

Anthony said: "Hey, when is that ham going to be done?  I'm getting hungry!"

Oh wait.  I'm the ham!

Little Miss Anne

Christmas dinner 2010 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Miss Toothless!

This was Catherine only 3 days ago, with a very loose tooth.

This is later that same day, after a run-in with the stair railing.

And this is today!  The story is that Catherine was pretending to be a dog and grabbed Dominic's Superman cape with her teeth, and he jumped.  Can you tell we've been a little cooped up in here this week?

Christmas Eve At Our House

Excitement over stockings.

Anthony was more excited about the decoration on his stocking!

We ate our Christmas Eve dinner by candlelight.  Daddy read the story of the Birth of Jesus from our children's Bible.  

We had German Sour Potatoes for dinner, along with an apple salad.  Chocolate candy for dessert, of course!

After a long agonizing wait while Mommy cleaned up, it was present time.  First, a pose in front of the Christmas tree.

Joseph was first.  Dominic had to make it even more suspenseful by covering his eyes.

Anne, with a happy face.

Joseph with his new sword and shield!

Partway through, Dan had the kids run outside to visit Baby Jesus at the Nativity scene.

Mommy, with her grumpy little koala bear attached to her side, needed a little help opening her present.

More swords!

And it all ends with a glorious sword fight!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Christmas Trip

We went up near KC to visit my parents the weekend before Christmas.  Here is Anthony, in his car seat, smiling!  We actually did not have to stop at all on the way there or back, which is a first.  A minor miracle, I should say.

I have to mention this game that Catherine got.  It's called Double Shutter and it alone is responsible for Catherine immensely improving her addition skills over Christmas break.  It is actually fun for adults to play, too, and could almost be addicting.

My mom had not been well, and so the kids got to decorate Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree(with a little help from me).  They thought that was great! 

Anthony kept busy (very, very busy) walking along the furniture, grabbing things he wasn't supposed to, and playing with toys.  Sometimes, even in the toy box!

Of course, there were presents to open, which then required all adults to simultaneously wrestle with toys nearly impossible to open.  I know we needed a scissors, but I don't think we had to use a screwdriver this time.   

Joseph and his cousin, Isabella, who are both three.

Catherine and her godmother, my sister Beth.

Anthony watches his "twin," Clara, who is only 2 weeks younger than he is. 
 We had a wonderful time and, as usual, it went too fast.  Next time I'll have to try to remember to get a picture of all the cousins who are there.