Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter basket goodies!

Bubbles, chalk, and a sacrifice-bean jar all turned to jelly beans.

Our traditional Easter picture in front of the house.

Daddy must have said something funny!

Waiting for the Easter egg hunt after Mass.  

Ready, set...


Joseph was barely young enough to join in.

The girls helped Anthony.

They had great fun.

It was a bit chilly.

Dan and the kids with the Easter Bunny.

Ham dinner.

Mommy and kids.

Later, we had a bunch of Easter eggs hunts at our house, all with empty eggs.

There was a chance to win money this year, either by finding the special eggs, or by getting the most eggs.

So they hustled!

Anne really hustled!

Counting up eggs.

Waiting for the results from Daddy.   (Money was won by all.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Holy Saturday Fun

Holy Saturday morning was the time for Easter egg coloring.

This year I hard-boiled 5 dozen eggs, a dozen for each child!

They spent a long time getting their eggs just right.

Since our eggs are anywhere from white to light brown to a darker brown, we had a wide range of colors of Easter eggs.

The kids were very proud of their work.

Meanwhile I made apple and cherry pies for Easter dinner.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

March Mishmash

At the beginning of March, we made it again to the homeschool roller skating session.  The kids once again loved it, and Anthony was much improved at skating, so it was a little less work for me.  Pictures of  Anthony, though, were much too blurry to use!  
Joseph and Anne. 

The twins took a break.

Dominic and Catherine did the limbo.

In the middle of the month, we met some friends at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, where we did the outdoor Stations of the Cross. 
The empty tomb, symbolizing the Resurrection, in the middle of the stations.

It was perfect for a bunch of kids during Lent!

Afterwards, we went walking on some of their nature trails.

I made a peach pie in honor of pi day:

The MagnaTiles that Anthony got for Christmas came in very handy for Joseph's geometry lesson:
Perfect for those tough shapes: triangular prism and pyramid!

Catherine reading to Anthony.  Love it!

At the end of March, we watched cousins so their mom and dad could go out on a date:
Picnic dinners in spring are the best.


He might have had his helmet on backwards, but he was ready to bat the ball!

Boys played basketball.

Little ones blew bubbles.

The next night we ate dinner outside again:
Look at that ornery face right in the front!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celebrating the Solemnity of the Annunciation

This is what happens...

...when you try to get 5 rowdy boys... take a picture.  Dog pile!

Girls are much more civilized!  :)

After pizza and playground came ice cream.

What a fun time with friends!

Friday, May 8, 2015


March Madness 2015 was a fun time to watch WSU play some big games and wear all of the Shocker gear!
The kids were ready for the first Shocker game of the tournament against Indiana.

We normally don't get the games on any of our channels, so it was fun to see them play.  And nerve wracking!

Here is Dominic...


...after WSU won 81-76!

Time for the round of 32 against KU.

The Shockers showed up playing one of their best games ever.

And soundly beat KU 78-65, much to the excitement of the kids.

We went out to celebrate the win against KU.

Everyone was happy!

Go Shockers!

While we were sad they lost in the Sweet Sixteen to Notre Dame, we were happy they had such a good, exciting season.  We'll be ready for next year!