Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Thaw

On Sunday, the temperature started climbing a bit and the sun came out, so we had to get out that afternoon and play before the 7 inches of snow all melted. Dan tied the sled to the back of the lawn mower and gave the kids rides up and down the driveway. He tried to go through the yard but got stuck. They thought it was fun, though. The poor flowers are trying to recover.
What is this? A stream running through our backyard that has never been there before! It was flowing. It had a current. It was wild to see. This shot is in the backyard.
Is that a sled or a boat? And look, there are actually two streams converging into one. I walked through some of it and in places in was a foot deep.
Following the stream down to the hill. The stream kept going down from here and wound around the hill to the pond.
Joseph gets a turn sledding on what is left of the snow.
The leaning snowman of Brungardt:
Later in the day, his head fell off, so Dan rearranged his face and arms. Then a while later, his middle fell off, so Dan turned him into a one ball snow alien. Then by Monday morning, almost all of the snow was gone and the poor snowman was reduced to this:
And we were left with sogginess and mud everywhere!

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