Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small Successes - 12

1. I cut hair one morning. Lots of hair. All four of the kids! And no one cried.

2. I took the kids to the library for storytime yesterday. And the playground. And we even had a picnic at the playground!

3. I finally made the Overnight Coffee Cake I've been wanting to try. (Only because Dan's mom and brother were here. They always get up early, so they were able to get it into the oven in enough time before breakfast. So I only get half the credit!)

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EChristyBA said...

Janet - what wonderful successes... Great job especially on the haircuts! Bless you and yours in this Triduum....

ViolinMama said...

Fun list! What a yummy breakfast treat I could try. You are a brave woman for cutting hair!!! You rock and have a VERY blessed Holy Week!!

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

Thank you ladies!

Now I didn't say the haircuts were spectacular or anything. :)

And the coffee cake was good. The whole 9x13 pan (I doubled it) was cleared out but one lonely piece. Which I had to eat when we got home from Mass. Heh, heh.


Heidi Gerst said...

Very cute picture of that little baby- Matthew. He must have great looking parents, hee hee. Matthew was so funny this am before I left for work- talking and laughing at 0600- Paul I think was hoping for a sleepy baby that wanted to go back to sleep- I was glad for the cute smiles and conversation.

Heidi Gerst said...

Oh by the way Happy Birthday! I will try to call you during a quiet time here at work or on the way home.