Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spring Volleyball

Catherine and Anne played volleyball at the YMCA from the end of March through the end of May.

It was their first time playing.

They loved it!

I ended up helping every practice and some of the games.  I'm line judge in this picture. 

Catherine prepared to serve.

Warming up before a game.

They progressed a lot over the course of the season.

They loved getting to know their teammates.

Most of their team after the last game.

Silly picture!

Monday, June 22, 2015

End of April

Catherine helped Anthony make this for me.

He had to show it off himself.

The kids' favorite thing about going to the mall (which we do about twice a year).

Cool clouds.

Celebrating my birthday at Las Palmas in Andover.

Chips and salsa.  Yum!

The ten chicks.

Girls helped transplant tomatoes and peppers.


Do you see them?  Killdeer babies hidden on the ground.

Snow peas growing well.

Cherry pie and asparagus.

Yummy stuff on the grill.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Joseph Made His First Holy Communion!

On April 19th, Joseph made his First Holy Communion.  He was so excited and ready, and even though the weather wasn't the greatest, he had a big scratch on his nose and poison ivy on his arm, it was a wonderful day!
At the time he was 7 years old.

Such a handsome little man.

Waiting to go to the 2:00 Mass.

Look at that face!

It had been raining a lot, so it was very sloppy outside.

Joseph and his cakes.

Ready to get in the procession line.

After Mass, with Fr. Jack, who gave him his First Communion.

Ornery photo bomber!

Joseph and Grandma Brungardt.

With Grandpa and Grandma Klingele.

All comfy for the party with his godmother, Aunt Laurie.

Time to eat the delicious dinner made by Uncle Al.

He opened a lot of special gifts.

This was definitely the most creative gift: a homemade crucifix made for him by his sister, Anne!

Monday, June 15, 2015

The First Half of April

The new chicks kept growing and growing:
The kids always love the chicks when they are little!

Still little enough to hold in one hand.


Anthony got really good at riding his bike in April.  He just kept practicing until he got it down:



Of course, there was some of this in the process.  :)

Here is Anthony, riding away:

And finally, a short video of Joseph, showing me how he saves the ball:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter basket goodies!

Bubbles, chalk, and a sacrifice-bean jar all turned to jelly beans.

Our traditional Easter picture in front of the house.

Daddy must have said something funny!

Waiting for the Easter egg hunt after Mass.  

Ready, set...


Joseph was barely young enough to join in.

The girls helped Anthony.

They had great fun.

It was a bit chilly.

Dan and the kids with the Easter Bunny.

Ham dinner.

Mommy and kids.

Later, we had a bunch of Easter eggs hunts at our house, all with empty eggs.

There was a chance to win money this year, either by finding the special eggs, or by getting the most eggs.

So they hustled!

Anne really hustled!

Counting up eggs.

Waiting for the results from Daddy.   (Money was won by all.)