Saturday, April 25, 2015

January Jumble

Eating lunch at Spangles with Grandma Brungardt.

First attempt at making bagels.

No prizes for looks, but they tasted good.

One day when I was making bierocks, Anthony had to make his own little one.


January saw Shocker Mania coming on strong at the Brungardt household.

Dan took Joseph and Dominic to a Shockers game and they were thrilled!

Boys in front of Charles Koch Arena on the WSU campus.

At the end of January, my sister-in-law took the big kids to the Young People's Concert and all the little ones stayed with me.

Joseph was the "big" kid, so he helped me watch the little ones.

The old, decrepit swing set survived another round of play.

Little Balthaser ready for action!

Fun with friends at the park.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Zoo Fun in January

In the middle of January, the kids and I went on a field trip to the zoo.  It is great to be able to pick out a nice, warm day in winter to go to the zoo for some learning, exercise, and fun!
One of the orangutans and Catherine checked each other out.

Sometimes when you go through the Australia section, the cute little wallabies are everywhere!

Wallaroo close-up.

 A stop to check our wing spans.

We got to the Giant Anteater exhibit in time to see a new anteater being introduced to the the resident anteater.  The male kept trying to get the female's attention and she was having none of it.  At times, it looked like they were fighting!

Giant Anteaters are curious creatures.

Kids lined up to look at the rhinoceros.

Rhino close-up.

The Caracal, an African wildcat that can jump quite high.

Anthony loves this little lion.

Everyone is looking at the camera!

The Red Pandas, animals we rarely see when we are at the zoo.

The tiger found water to drink.

It was fun to watch the tiger walking on the ice.  I thought for sure he would break through!

Amur Leopard.

Lots of birds!

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam...

...where the deer and the antelope play!

Frozen river.

Can you say snuggling tortoises?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

January Snow With A New Kind of Fun

After it snowed in the beginning of January, the kids got this idea for a new kind of sledding.  New, at least, for them.  Our hill is not huge, so high speeds were not reached with this activity.  Thus, I was able to watch, taking pictures and videos without freaking out!  :)

There goes Anthony, standing on the sled.

Dominic looked like a surfer, or at least, a snowboarder.

And a crash!

Joseph's turn.

What is this little face saying?

Anne posed while, behind her, Catherine went for it.

Anne was ready to try.

I think Catherine was having a good time.

Ooh, now for the duo challenge.

In this first short video, Anthony needed a little assist:

Joseph's turn:

Not all trips ended standing:

Backwards somersault, anyone?

Three kids down for the count:

At last, success!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Year's in Victoria, Part 2

Anne off-trail.

Anthony got an assist on the pull-up bar.

At the top of a steep hill.

Up the snowy stairs.

A stop for snow angels...

...and sword fights.

Taking a break.

Cross Fit station at the entrance.

Go Dominic!

Anthony made it all the way around.

On the way back home, we stopped at the famous Cozy Inn in Salina for freshly-made-while-we-waited Cozy Burgers.

It is a very small place (only 6 stools), so luckily no one else was there at the same time.  A fun end to our trip!