Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun With Hay Bales

The kids were very excited to ride in the back of Daddy's truck to go pick up the hay bales.  The rule was they had to always sit.  And Daddy drove really slow!

Anthony was more than thrilled to ride on Daddy's lap and help drive out to the big field.

Anthony, in his big boots, showed Daddy where the hay bales were.

This year the field only yielded 30 bales, so Dan kept 10 and the farmer who baled the hay took the rest.

After Daddy tossed the bale in, the kids got to work, pushing the bale to the back of the truck bed.

Catherine's got a seat, now.

Anne and Joseph are ready to go get some more bales!

Sittin' up high!

It was tricky getting Anthony to stay still for a picture, so Dan stuck him in the corner, where he promptly took off for the end of the truck.

A close-up shot.

Anthony was all set to help Daddy unload the bales into the stalls on the side of the shed.  He actually tried to help pull the first bale, grasping only a few pieces of straw.  It was funny.

Anne loves to pose for pictures.

It's a tall stack of hay bales!

Time to sweep out the truck bed.

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