Monday, October 24, 2011

Field Trip To Old Cowtown Museum, Part 1

A little over two weeks ago, we went to Education Day at Cowtown, a nearby living museum representing life in the 1870s.  We've been listening to the Little House on the Prairie series on audio CD for a while now, so it fit in perfectly.  We met up with another homeschooling family, which was a lot of fun. 

The kids got to sit in the desks in the one-room schoolhouse.  Just like at home! :)

They all stood in line waiting for their turn on the gunnysack swing. 

There was a display of Native American artifacts, as well as this little tepee, which the kids all loved.  Some of them made Native American necklaces and ground corn between stones.

Taking a break on the boardwalk.  We did not go into some of the buildings because there were so many and I had the stroller.  But they did get to try turning the handle on the table saw at the carpenter's shop and watch a lady braiding rugs at another shop.  We bypassed the undertaker's shop.  

We stopped to listen to these men playing the fiddle and harmonica.  A few of the songs we have sung in choir, which was especially fun for the kids.

In the area of games for kids, they got to shoot arrows, use slingshots (with real stones), throw beanbags, and spin a board wheel for a prize.

Most of the kids there could not shoot the arrows very far, but guess who got his arrow on the roof?

Catherine takes careful aim.

The bowling lane was set up in an alleyway and I think the kids would have stayed there for hours if we had let them.  At least one person had to stand at the end of the lane to reset the pins and send the balls back down the grooved rail.

Catherine and Anne were so excited to be able to pet this horse.  The lady seated there explained to them all about how women would ride sidesaddle.  See the "Bowling" sign knocked halfway down in the background?  Anthony did that.  He'll show up in the second half of the pictures.


Kansas Mom said...

What fabulous pictures! Aren't you already excited for next year?

House of Brungardt said...

It was really great! I am definitely planning to do that every year if we can.