Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Field Trip of the Year - The Zoo!

We couldn't go to the zoo all summer because it was just too hot (We had 53 days 100 degrees or higher this summer, which was a record!).  So we finally made it there at the very end of September.

Catherine was studying North America at the time, so she took her notebook and wrote down all of the North America animals she saw.  Here, however, we are in the rain forest!

Looking at the vampire bats.

I tried to get all the kids to pose in front of the waterfall, but it just didn't work.

Joseph, Catherine, Anne, Dominic, and Anthony with the statue of the Grizzly Bear.  We spent a lot of time going through the North America exhibit.

The kids all love climbing on the animal statues scattered throughout the zoo.  Anthony got right in the mix on the tiger.

What fun!

It never fails.  We go into the really neat Gorilla exhibit, and the kids make a beeline for the little hut in which there is a movie showing about gorillas.  And in the next room over, four live gorillas are running around and playing right outside the windows.

Anthony was totally wiped out.

Catherine and Anne find a friend.  We all had a good time and Catherine got quite a long list of North American animals, so the field trip was a success.


Kansas Mom said...

Oh, I hate that gorilla exhibit video. I wish they'd take it out. Perhaps we should suggest it, start a petition or something!

You've inspired me...perhaps we'll go back to the zoo this week. It's been a while.

House of Brungardt said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! And it seems like it's always the spot for a fight or meltdown.

I think we'll have to go again soon to study the South American animals more closely.

I'm glad we have such a nice zoo to go to!