Friday, October 21, 2011

The New Swingset

Here is our sad, old swing set, blown over yet again by strong winds.  Bought about 5 years ago, it has been well used, and is now rusting and falling apart. 

So one day, about a month or so ago, Daddy began to build a new swing set.  Here it is in progress.

Now there are three swings that can go higher than the old ones.  Grandpa got put to work pushing all the kids.

Anthony was insistent that he get to swing in the big kid swing, and he really held on well.

You can hear some loud squealing coming from our backyard whenever anyone gets extra-high pushes!
After Daddy built the swing set, he decided it wasn't as stable as he wanted, so he began to add on and make a playhouse, repurposing the rest of the wood from the horse stalls.  Here it is partly finished.  The old slide got put there so Anthony had a way to get down after he climbed up the ladder.

Here the roof is on (leftover material from the big shed) and a rope swing has been added.

And there is a pole to slide down.  Whee!

Catherine testing out the rope swing.

The swing set/playhouse has gotten more additions since I took these pictures, so I'll have to do another post later!

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