Friday, October 28, 2011

Trip To St. Louis, Part 2

Sr. Mary Elizabeth gave the kids some saint items, which they loved.

I spent a lot of time outside during our full day of visiting at the convent.

Mostly because of this little guy.  He got very disruptive inside, but he was perfectly happy walking around outside, looking for and squealing at the many squirrels.

It was nice walking around the long driveway.

Occasionally, Anthony would let me take him back inside to get a drink or a snack.  Or to see Daddy.  Daddy took him outside a few times as well.

Look at that face!

The big boys had to blow off steam, too.

They kept getting sillier...

and sillier...

...and sillier.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth and Dan.  We had a lovely visit with her. 

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