Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip To St. Louis, Part 1

Two weeks ago on a Tuesday, we loaded up the car and took off for the St. Louis suburbs to visit Dan's sister, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, who is a cloistered nun.

On the way we stopped for a picnic lunch.  We thought that rest stop was never going to come! It was worth it, though, as the kids could be outside and run around, most importantly Anthony.  Notice he is not even in this picture.  He was already off running around, playing in the leaves.

We all stopped to observe this frog(or is it a toad?) in the tree.

Back in the car, we finished the drive (It took 7 seven hours) and settled into the hotel.  We went swimming and then went out to eat at Red Lobster.  The next morning we drove over to the convent.

Driving up the long driveway to the convent.  It felt like we went from summer in Kansas to fall in Missouri.  The trees were turning colors there and it was especially beautiful in eastern Missouri.

Daddy and the kids going in the front door of the convent.

Dan getting the key to the guest parlor in the turnstile.
Anthony tried to go in through the door to the cloister!

In the guest parlor, we say hello to Sr. Mary Elizabeth, who drew back the curtains and is unlocking the bars.
The girls give Sr. Mary Elizabeth hugs and all the many pictures and notes they made for her.

Settling in for a nice visit.

We were able to spend a full day and then a half day visiting with Sr. Mary Elizabeth.  Both days she graciously brought us a hot meal for lunch.  Currently she is the cook for the convent, so she made the meals as well.  (She's a good cook!)

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