Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Busy Day!

One day last week, we had quite the busy day.  I had four errands to run, all in the same area of town.  This all took place after we did our morning schoolwork.

1) I went to get some blood work done to follow hcg levels after the miscarriage.  When the lab called my name to come in, all the kids trooped in with me.  The two ladies in there didn't bat an eye and didn't seem annoyed or anything!  If you are ever nervous about getting blood drawn, here's what you should do:  have a bunch of kids with you and make sure one of them is a squirmy toddler whom you have to hold on your lap and keep contained with one arm while they poke your other arm.  I barely even registered that the needle was going in my arm! 

2) I dropped off some 2 pocket folders at Kansans for Life.  They collect them to make information packets, which they hand out to all sorts of groups.  When there are good sales on folders, I always pick up a few extra, and then save them for KFL.  This was my first time dropping them off, though, so I had a lot of them.  I did not want to have to unbuckle Anthony when we got there, so I called them and one of the staff came out and got the folders. 

3) We dropped off some electronics at A Better Choice, the crisis pregnancy center for whom I look at sonograms.  There we did go inside, because I wanted the kids to see their really neat fetal models, The Touch of Life 1st Trimester Set.  After we lost Teresa Marie (this happened when Mary Joseph died, as well), the girls begged to see her.  Well, when the baby dies and then is miscarried weeks later, you can't really distinguish much.  So letting the girls see was out of the question.  It bothered me a little, though, until they got to see the Touch of Life models.  They are detailed, with a life-like feel, and accurate in size.  They have 7, 8, 9, and 10 week babies in a velvet-lined display box.  The kids all got to hold the babies who were Teresa Marie's and Mary Joseph's sizes.  They were enthralled, to say the least.  Anthony kept saying, "Baby!"   I think it really helped the girls, too, and they have quit asking why they couldn't see the baby.  I'm telling you this because the ladies at ABC are so very nice and they would be more than happy to show these or any of their materials to your children. 

4)I took all the kids to the doctor.  Yup, I saved "the best" for last. Three of the kids (Dominic, Anne, and Anthony) got checkups, which I've now decided is the maximum I want to schedule for one trip.  All five of the kids got flu vaccines, luckily 3 of them could get the squirt in the nose, but still 3 of the kids had to get shots.  Unfortunately, Anthony was one of them, and he had to get 5 shots!  He did okay for about the first 15 minutes in the exam room, then he was just mad the rest of the time, because he wanted out of that room!  Everyone checked out fine, except it was something to see all of Anthony's scrapes and scratches, bumps and bruises all at once in the bright light of that room.  He is quite the little boy. 

Dominic got two shots and didn't make a peep, but poor Anne was crying and resisting, and I had to pick her up and put her on the table.  Then she settled down so she could get her one shot in her arm instead of her leg.  (I'm not sure why that is better, but I'll take it!)  Then it was Anthony's turn.  The nurse went out to get another nurse to help, and he just got even more mad waiting in the room.  Then the nurses came in, and in that split second, when I looked away, Anthony head-butted me so hard in my face that it left a mark on his forehead, and I had a spot on my face that was sore for a couple of days.  He was getting in his payback before he got his shots! 

I'm sure the doctor's office was rather glad to see us leave.  We made quite the commotion. 

5) Then we were all very happy to go back home! 


Kansas Mom said...


I'm a little glad to hear Anne was upset about getting a shot. First Son was pretty upset earlier this week when we went and he had to get two shots. I thought he would have outgrown that by now. Of course, he's a little older than Anne...

House of Brungardt said...

Anne is my kid who, when she gets a splinter, will hardly let me even look at it, much less take it out, even if half of it is hanging out, begging to be pulled. Much screaming involved. Other of my children would think that was no big deal. Each kid is different, I guess. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure the doctor's office has seen bigger kids than that get upset. My dad almost passes out if he has to get blood drawn!

Dawn said...

I had to carry Lucia to the exam table and then hold her down last time she had shots (which was just this past summer)!


And Mary (12 years old) cries and cries everytime she has to get a shot or have blood drawn. At least she lets them do it, though. She just cries a lot about it.