Monday, October 31, 2011

Trip To St. Louis, Part 4

On our last night in St. Louis, we ate at Mimi's Cafe.  Anthony was a bit of a handful, like usual, mostly because he is just so active.  I couldn't even get a picture of him that wasn't blurry!

The big three kids were all happily doing the little activity pages provided by the restaurant.  Joseph colored pages as well, not quite as intently as the other three.

A picture of our typical breakfast at the hotel.  We were very much the center of attention, as most of the other guests looked like they were staying for business.  I think we saw one other family (with one child).  It is weird to keep looking up and catching people staring at you. 

Anthony "helped" Daddy load up the minivan for the trip back home.

Every time we go somewhere, Anthony wriggles and wriggles until he gets his arms out of the restraints.

This was our last stop on the way back home.  It was very much needed.

I packed some bubbles along and had saved them until this stop, and let me tell you, they were a total lifesaver. 

It was sunny, warm, and windy.  Anthony got to run around in the grass, carrying his own container of bubbles.  He was grubby from travelling and very happy to be out of the van. 

When I have a chance, I will blog about our free afternoon when we were in St. Louis. 


Jamie said...

Aww adorable pictures! I used to love sitting on big rocks like that as a child. :o) I am a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. :o)

Feel free to stop by anytime!

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Thanks for coming by, Jamie!