Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Big Trip

Here they are, our four little kids eagerly peering over the wall at...
...Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Dan's sister. She is a cloistered nun in a Passionist convent outside of St. Louis. Which means she can't come visit us, so we go to visit her. When we go in the front door of the convent, there is a little entry and there we ring a doorbell. After a while we hear the voice of one of the sisters. We tell her who we are and she sends a key through a turnstile in the wall. It is all very mysterious (and very giggle-producing) and we never see the owner of the voice. We unlock the door to the guest parlor and go in. When Sr. Mary Elizabeth comes, first she draws back the curtains on her side of the bars (the ones on our side are open) and then, since we are family, she is able to unlock the bars and open them like you see here.

Then we have a half-day, followed by a whole day, then another morning of visiting with her, in between her duties and prayertimes. Right now her duties are in the kitchen as she is currently the cook. The whole time we were there she graciously and hospitably fed us our meals (except for our breakfast, which was complimentary at the hotel). Doesn't she look happy and joyful? She has been there for 14 years.

In the evening, Dan took Catherine and Joseph to the chapel for evening prayers. The twins were fast asleep at the time, tuckered out from all the activity.

Joseph got cranky, so Dan let him hold the camera, resulting in many pictures, some of which weren't too bad. Like this one, maybe skewed a little, but there is a nice silhouette of a nun on the other side of the altar! Good job, Joseph!

And when they are done, the curtains are closed and that is the end.
For now.

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