Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun With Friends, Fabulous Food, and Fathers

Okay, so I am doing a weekend recap on Tuesday. Not too bad for me! If you read this blog much, I'm sure you know that I am usually behind and that I tend to blog in spurts. (I have a bunch of blog ideas jotted down, so if I ever really get on a roll, you are in for it!)

On Saturday we went to the WSU Newman Center Reunion, which really centered around Bishop Conley (pictured below with Dan), who was chaplain Fr. Conley of the Newman Center back when Dan attended college at WSU. The Reunion started with a Mass celebrated by the Bishop. NOTE TO GRANDMA B: Dan handled all the kids by himself during Mass, so I could sing in the choir. Not a small feat at 4:00 in the afternoon!

Then down in the Newman Center basement (which has been the scene of many festivities over the years), all were welcomed with dinner and remembrances, and lots of conversation. Dan got to talk to many old friends and I got to meet up with some women friends, some of whom I have gotten to know better via the internet (Dawn, for one!). There were a lot of kids there, so ours were a little overwhelmed, especially Joseph, but they eventually had a great time.
We got home late and crashed and it was the strangest thing to wake up on Sunday morning and not go to Mass. I can't remember the last time we've gone to a Saturday night Mass. We had a leisurely morning for Father's Day. It was still pretty wet out from the rain we got last week (2.5 inches in one day!) so Dan couldn't really do anything outside. So he read the Sunday paper, played with the kids, and then after lunch took a nap(sounds like a good day to me!).

Then Sunday evening we prepared a feast: Grilled steak and shrimp, with a big side salad and watermelon. And even a bottle of wine! Mmm. I prepared everything, but Dan grilled(he's much better at it, and we rarely get to have steak, so...). My brother, Fr. Brian, arrived in time for dinner. He had come to Wichita for a baptism on Sunday afternoon, and then got to come spend some time with us.

Here is a picture of Fr. Brian and the kids circling in for the kill. He had just arrived and gotten down on their level and they were taking full advantage.

Ooh, surprise move!
The kids were so wound up and excited when Fr. Brian came. They were busy showing him all their tricks (at the same time) and toys. It was funny. We enjoyed his visit very much!

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