Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Big Trip - Where Did We Go?

Last Wednesday we (I should say Dan) loaded up the mini-van, and we all piled in for a road trip for a few days. Where did we go? Let's see if you can guess.

Clue #1: We stayed in a hotel. Hmm. So that means we didn't go visit any grandparents.
Clue #2: A beautiful statue of Mary and Jesus.
Clue #3: A very large crucifix in front of a building.
Clue #4: A close-up of the building. (Hint: There's a big clue on the wall back there!)
Clue #5: We're inside now and I think I see another crucifix on the wall.
Clue #6: This is a big one and should give it away, if you don't know yet!

Have you figured it out yet? What, or should I say who, could be behind that curtain?
The answer, along with stories and more pictures, will be coming later!

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