Friday, May 31, 2013

Lego Club, Picnic, and Playtime

One late afternoon at the end of April, I took the kids to Lego Club at the library.  While the big kids built their creations, Anthony and I hung out in the library. 

He got the computer all to himself.

After a while, we went to check on the big kids.  The theme of the day was Space Stations.
Anne with her creation.

Joseph worked on finding just the right pieces.

Catherine and Dominic built one together.

When Lego Club was over, I took the kids across to the picnic area so we could eat our picnic dinner.  They had swimming lessons an hour and a half later, so I wanted to just stay in town.  The kids loved eating dinner at the park.
Chicken pasta salad in a cup!

Then we had some time at the playground:
The big spider web contraption is very popular.

Anthony got the hang of it.

He was very proud of himself.

Big enough for everyone.

Upside down Anne.

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