Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weird Weather In April

One day towards the end of April, we had some strange weather.  It was rainy, but then it just poured down so much rain all at once, that our yard was flooded.  We had streams circling all around the house and almost a pond in the backyard.  The water all joined together to the west of our house and streamed its way down to the real pond.

The flooded backyard.

 Then it started to hail:
It got quite noisy.

No lounging that day!

After the hail stopped, this intense fog rolled in.  It did not last very long.
What a weird sight.

Then the sun came out briefly:
Sun shining on the "pond."

Looked like snow on the deck!

We just watched it all and marveled.

Definitely a weird weather day!

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