Monday, June 3, 2013

Random April Events and Pics

We met up with cousins to use our Pizza Hut Book-it Rewards.
The boys say hi to baby Balthaser.

After running off the pizza at the playground, we went to Braums to use our Book Buddies Rewards.
A big booth for a bunch of kids!

 The girls with their time-travelling dolls, and silly Anthony:

 Silly boys:

The girls were invited to their cousin's birthday party in early April:
Anne and Catherine with their cousin, Bridget.

While the girls were at the birthday party, Joseph and Dominic helped Daddy plant the onions:

When I went to pick up the girls, the boys came along and they all got to jump in the bouncy castle:

What fun!

A picture of the chickens in early April:

Anne up in the tree:

 Five kids can make a long back-scratching chain:
Lucky Anthony!

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