Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easter Continued

After we got home from church on Easter Sunday, we took our traditional picture in the front yard.  Due to an early Easter and a late spring, the background was a little dull and brown, but the kids were nice and colorful!
Anthony, Dominic, Catherine, Anne, and Joseph

Ham and scalloped potatoes dinner.

Our fancy table!

After dinner and a rest, it was time for some Easter egg hunts!  First the girls made sure all of the plastic eggs were put together:

Daddy and Joseph hid the eggs for the first hunt.

My bucketheads!

Anthony was more interested in his pop.  As a special Easter treat, each kid got their own can of pop!

Happy girl!

Daddy told the kids the boundaries for the hunt.

Anthony went looking for eggs.

Did we miss any?

Later in the day, it was time to eat some of our colored Easter eggs.  Yum!

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