Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoo In March

I enjoy taking the kids to the zoo (well, most of the time!) and they love to go there.  Every time we seem to see some of the same things, but always some that are different.  So it is never the same experience twice. 

Catherine and Anne like to write down all the animals we see, and draw a few pictures along the way.

They all like to look on the map and see where we are.

The boys took a break after I told them to quit climbing on the wall!

We went into the Reptile House and found a zookeeper cleaning near these giant tortoises.

This seemed to have them aroused for we had never seen them so active.

One spotted us.

He seemed very interested.

We do have to go into this building every time we go to the zoo, or I hear protests.

The boys especially like to see all of the snakes.

The girls tried out the new bench in the jungle, another place we have to go every time, or I get in trouble.  :)

Joseph wanted to make sure I took a picture of the leaf he found, so that Daddy could see it.
A nice picture of all the kids.

We got to see how a giraffe sits.

Another good pic of all the kids!

Did you know storks have backward knees?  And that they clap their beaks together to make a strange, clanging sound?

The obligatory picture on the lion statues.

The girls love the zebras.

And that is the end!

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