Friday, April 1, 2011

Gardening 101

About a week and a half ago, Dan showed the kids how to plant their own little garden.  So far they have planted onions, spinach, radishes, peas, lettuce, and carrots.  Yesterday they were very excited to see something coming up, we think the radishes.  Above is a video made from clips I took when they were planting.  Anthony contributed greatly.  It's only 1 minute, 22 seconds, so take a look! 

Oh, by the way, Dan is the one who put this little video together.


Kansas Mom said...

Second Son loved your video! I hope he's not getting any ideas about walking like Anthony.

The garden will be lots of fun for your kids.

House of Brungardt said...

Do you want us to come over so Anthony can teach him? Ha! Ha!

Kansas Mom said...

You're welcome to come over, but I reserve the right to cover Second Son's eyes whenever Anthony walks or causes trouble!