Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anthony's Antics

This picture was from a month or so ago.  Anthony is a very messy eater and usually gets food in his hair, hence the wild and crazy look after the wipe-down.

You know how babies/toddlers get fixated on one cabinet/drawer/hidey-hole for a while?  And just when you can't take it anymore they move on to the next latest and greatest spot?  I thought I would document a few of them. 

Ready to go fishin'!

For a while Anthony was fixated on the cabinet with my bakeware, and every day I would have to pick up all the cake pans, cupcake tins, cooling racks, etc.   Again and again.  Or risk breaking my neck every time I tried to cook dinner.

Got my specs on!

Then he moved on to the lazy Susan cabinet, which was bad, because he was getting out heavy stuff, like waffle irons.  And one day, he got out a giant container of lemonade mix and somehow managed to get the lid off and then he dumped it on the floor.  Luckily there was not much left in the container.   But there was also the problem of pinched fingers.  Ouch!  So to solve that problem I stuck a 25 pound bag of rice in front of the cabinet.  It doesn't do much for the home decor, but at least it keeps him out of there! 

First time in the sandbox.

Another thing he liked to do for a while was get into the Master closet and pull off any T-shirt type shirts that were hanging on the bottom row.  Every time I went in there I would find 20-30 shirts in a heap on the floor.  Finally I got better at keeping the door shut and he forgot about that one.  For now, anyway.

Hey, what is this stuff and why haven't I gotten to play in it before?

Of course, he loves to get into the bathrooms when somebody leaves the doors open and pull stuff out of the cabinets, spin the toilet paper off the roll, mess with the plunger or the trash.  You name it.  One day, I let him be with me in my bathroom as I was putting on some make-up.  I saw him pull some stuff out of the cabinet, including a huge brand-new refill bottle of liquid soap.  Next thing I know, I hear a glug-glug-glug noise and I looked to see the bottle of liquid soap lying on its side, lid off, with soap spilling out onto the floor.  Ack!  Good thing I was there! 

I think he likes it.

Then there are the multiple drawers in the kitchen.  Most of them are rubber-banded together, after the bread got stomped on, and he cut himself on the saran wrap sharp edge.  However, there are still the drawers of the desk, where I keep scrap paper, scrap envelopes, stencils and miscellaneous pencils and such for the kids.  That often ends up spread all over the floor.  As does the basket of shoes, the basket of hats and sunglasses, and the refrigerator magnets.

Anthony loves being outside with Daddy.

Now he is fixated on the trash can and he loves to throw things in there.  Or get things out.  Ick!  This also includes his diaper pail, which I had to move into the closet.  I did not want to dig things out of there!  So now I am paranoid that something important is going to get thrown into the trash.  Like yesterday when Dan could not find the keys to the truck! (He found them, no digging in trash can required.)

He loves to play with this yellow ball.  Or the soccer ball, the basketball, the football, the tennis ball... You get the idea.

Last of all, he currently likes to throw things.  Like hard toys and books at your head!  Another thing he likes to do, which is funny, is climb onto someone lying on the floor and sit on them.  Then he bounces up and down, whether it be on your stomach or your head, all the while saying, "Aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa."

Time to get cleaned up after a hard day's play!

Now you know why Dan did not start any plants from seeds inside this year!


Kansas Mom said...

Anthony is going to be some crazy creative genius!

I am praying now to his guardian angel and yours that he does not learn to open doors anytime soon.

At least he didn't mix the soap and the lemonade.

House of Brungardt said...

He can't open the round doorknob doors, but unfortunately he can open the handicap handle kind, which are on the doors to the garage and the deck. :( If a mom had designed this house...

He would have mixed lemonade and soap if he had access to both at the same time!

Let's just say, I get my exercise chasing after Anthony!