Monday, April 11, 2011

The Saga Of The Trees

At the beginning of March, Dan went and got 64 trees to line the north side of our property, mostly for privacy and a little for a dust barrier.  Here he is unloading some of them while Joseph watched.

Then the hole-digging and planting was begun.  It was cold that first weekend of planting trees.

All three boys love the lawn mower!

Dig the hole, with lots of "help."

Get the tree out of the bucket.

Put the tree in the newly-dug hole and fill in with dirt.  In this manner, Dan got about half of the trees planted.  Don't worry, though, Anthony only "helped" with this one tree!

Then the saga started. First we got called by one of the town officials, concerned about keeping the view of the intersection clear for turning vehicles. Then, the next day, a man from the electrical company rang the doorbell, concerned about the trees eventually growing into the overhead wires. (He woke up Anthony after a mere 30 minutes of napping, so I wasn't happy!) So, to make a long story short, Dan decided to plant the trees closer to the house, so all those trees had to be moved. The next Saturday his 3 brothers came to help. So now we have 2 staggered rows of trees on the south side of our big field and another two rows on the south side of the garden. There are about 12 trees left which will get planted around the house.
Two of Dan's brothers helping plant the trees.

Joseph helps with the watering. 

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