Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kittens, Easter Eggs, and Cinnamon Rolls

On the morning of Holy Saturday, the kids went outside to play with the kittens.
Four little kitties.

There were almost enough to go around.

Anthony found they have sharp claws!

Anne with Snow.

Patch walking all over Catherine.

Meanwhile, I had boiled a ton of eggs for coloring.  This was the first year we got to use the eggs from our chickens.  When they were ready, we got to work.
The first eggs were in the dye.

Catherine showed off her first egg.

The boys took their job seriously.

Sweet little Anne.

Anthony's shirt met with some dye.

Most of the dyed eggs.   Using brown eggs works wonderfully!

Playtime after coloring eggs.

Some of my first ever batch of homemade cinnamon rolls, made for Easter morning.

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