Friday, May 16, 2014

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday, we made unleavened bread to eat with our dinner.  The kids really liked doing this, because they all got to help.
What fun!

Yes, ALL got to help.  Although after Anthony dropped his on the floor, I let him just eat the dough.

With Anthony, I either get solemn face or goofy face.

After they shaped and flattened the dough, each piece was poked multiple times with a fork.  As far as I could tell, this was for decoration.

The girls enjoyed tasting leftover dough! 

Then, later that afternoon, the girls worked on a Last Supper scene.  We got the templates and directions from Catholic Icing.  They were able to finish the whole thing in a few hours.
After I printed off the pages from the templates, the girls colored the apostles and cut them out.

Here is the finished product - a nice centerpiece for our Holy Thursday dinner!

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