Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First Stitches in Our Family

And the winner was Dominic, age 8.  I guess it is not too bad to have stitches from an injury once in 11 years of marriage.  So here is the story of how it happened.  You know the game Marco Polo, which is usually played in a pool?  Well, the kids learned a version at a homeschool event and on the first Sunday afternoon in April, Dominic and the girls went outside to play it.  One person is blindfolded (this was Dominic) and he calls out, "Marco!"and the other players must answer, "Polo!"  He then tries to catch them.  You can see where this is going.  Dominic was soon running around the yard blindfolded, trying to catch the girls.  One of the girls (who shall remain nameless) climbed up onto the grotto, which is large and built out of rocks.  Did I mention these rocks are rough and jagged?  So, Dominic ran toward his sister, tripped, and fell headfirst into the grotto, striking his head on one of those rocks.  If you are squeamish, you might want to stop reading now, and also skip the middle two pictures.  I was inside, relaxing on the couch, reading the Sunday paper, when Catherine burst in through the back door and exclaimed, "Dominic fell down and he's bleeding!"  We all rushed outside to see Dominic standing in the yard, with blood gushing down the side of his face, partly staunched by the blindfold which he had pushed up off his eyes.  After checking his wound, he and I went off to the ER.  I do have to mention, the girls and Joseph were a bit hysterical.  They'd never seen so much blood before.  I think that they thought he was half-dead!  Dominic was a trooper, although he did keep saying, "I wish this didn't happen!"
In the ER, waiting for the topical anesthetic to take effect.

When the doctor came in to stitch him up, I took a picture of the laceration.

5 stitches!

A few days later.

Dominic said afterwards that he will never play that game again!

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