Thursday, May 22, 2014


In early April, a new butterfly came out of each chrysalis in our butterfly habitat.  Over the course of two days, we had five new butterflies.  It was neat to see them let their wings dry and then flit around.  At that point we started to feed them sugar water.  We let the butterflies go free on Holy Saturday.
A newly hatched Painted Lady Butterfly.

Yay, it finally opened its wings!

On Holy Saturday, we brought the habitat outside.

One last look at the butterflies.

First Anne reached in...

...and got a butterfly on her finger.  It soon flew away.

Catherine also got one on her finger.  The boys were unable to do so before their butterflies escaped.

It was a fun, easy project to do.  The kids really enjoyed watching the transformation of the tiny caterpillars into big, beautiful butterflies. 

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