Tuesday, May 27, 2014

April Stuff

We decided to try planting strawberries again this year, and we debated the best location for them.  They did not do well in the garden because of the heat and the wind.  We finally settled on a spot near our deck which would provide partial shade and some protection from the nearly-always-present wind.

One Saturday in April, Dan started work on the new strawberry bed.

In progress.

Newly planted strawberries!

Pretty wildflowers growing in our yard.

 We went out to eat at Las Palmas, a really good Mexican restaurant in Andover, for my birthday.
Anthony and Mommy ate chips and salsa, both homemade.

The big kids at their colorful booth.

Dan ordered this huge beer with his dinner.  Of course, when I tried it, he took a picture.

Pretty tree in spring!

The chicks keep growing.  This was one of their first times to be out in the big yard.

A big hen came over to check out the chicks.

We went to a Confirmation for Dan's nephew, Joseph, and niece, Bianca.

Pizza party afterwards!

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