Thursday, May 15, 2014

Early April

When the phone company was trimming trees in our area, they dumped two huge loads of fresh mulch in our back yard.

The kids have been helping to move wagon loads of mulch to spread around the trees.

Catherine and Anne with Mittens.

A tiny wildflower!

Peach tree blossoms.

Things were growing in the greenhouse!

Climbing on the hay bales.


Boys had fun with an old rope.

Upside-down Anne.

The magnolia all in bloom was very fragrant.  Mmmm!

We had lots of these purple wildflowers all over the yard.  It's nice to be out in the country where the lawns don't have to be a homogeneous green!

Anne enjoyed the nice weather on the front porch swing.

We went on a field trip to see Peter Pan, performed by the CYT.  The kids all loved it.

Even Anthony was able to go!

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