Saturday, December 21, 2013

Catherine's Birthday Pictures

Took this the day before her birthday.  She loves to read.

Silly sisters!

The kids on the morning of Catherine's birthday.

Always one goofy kid!

Catherine got to open one present after breakfast.

Daddy took the day off work, and when asked where she wanted to go for her birthday, Catherine picked Chuck E. Cheese.  So we went there for lunch.
Shooting baskets.

Anthony driving sounds like a nightmare.

Boys play air hockey.

Anthony on a horse sounds slightly better.

Break for pizza.

More fun.

In the afternoon, we decorated Catherine's birthday cupcakes.  She made it easy on me this year!
She helped frost the cupcakes.

Catherine and her #10 cupcakes!

After dinner, it was time for cake!

And crazy sister time!

And more presents.

A password journal.  It will only open to her voice, which drives the boys crazy.

Catherine had a great #10 birthday!

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