Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Saints In Progress

On November 2nd, our homeschool group had an All Saints Party to celebrate All Saints Day, which was the day before.  So after some thinking (and borrowing of costumes, thanks Cas!), we came up with the following saints:
Catherine as St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Dominic as St. Gabriel Possenti

Anne as St. Faustina

Our "saintly" twins.

Joseph as St. George, and Anthony as the dragon.

St. George ready to slay the dragon.

By the way, Dominic has a gun in his belt because St. Gabriel is the patron saint of gun owners.

Love this picture of my little saints.

Finally at the party!

Each saint told who they were.

There were lots of different saints.

Lots of fun games to play.

Faustina and Kateri waiting patiently for the next game.

Some of the older homeschool kids set up a catacombs, where you could walk through and each early saint would come to life and tell about himself or herself.  It was really neat, all dark, with candles lit and the scenes set.  The older kids did a really wonderful job, and it was so much more awesome than I can describe.

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