Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pictures From October

In the second half of October, Dan put Dominic and Joseph to work on some old telephone pole crossbars (you know the horizontal part at the top that holds the wires on).  Their job was take off any hardware, so Dan could use the wood for something else.  This job required vise grips, hammers, pliers, wrenches.  Tools!
Joseph and Dominic hard at work.

Go boys, go!

Hammering out a screw.  You can see the buckets of stuff they accumulated behind them.

One day they got to drink some coffee:
I didn't like coffee til my thirties, but they already like it!

Another day, during school time, Anthony busied himself making trails of stuff from his room and the basement all over the house.   He was quiet and didn't bother anyone, but I finally had to put a stop to it when he started getting a bunch of stuff out of his closet.  We had an easier time in school that day!
All through the bedrooms.

Down the stairs and around the corner and through the basement.

And back and forth some more.  What a funny little guy.

We met up with some of our friends for lunch at the park/playground one afternoon.  After they played for a long time on the playground, we all went for a walk around the lake.  Halfway around we came across this large tree with all sorts of lovely branches for climbing.
How many kids can you get into one tree?

Nap time!

After we played and walked, we went over to the library, where we checked out lots of books.  The next day, Catherine showed me something she found in one of the books:
What a fun idea to hide these in random books at the library!

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