Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visiting In November

In the middle of November, we travelled to visit my parents.  It was a nice weekend away, and we also got to see my brother, Eric, and his family as well as my sister, Beth, and her family.
Catherine got an early birthday present.

Joseph was excited to be there.

Outside time!

Checking out the little kid shack out by the barn.

Three boys!

The great swinging tree got put to use!

My brother and his family came over on Saturday, but I neglected to take any pictures while they were there.  We enjoyed their visit. On Sunday, after Mass, my sister and her family came over.
Aunt Beth plays Skipbo with the girls.  Anthony was watching, not playing.

Clara and Anthony went exploring together.

When you are three, playing in the dirt is a great time!

Looking for treasure.

"This way, Clara!"

Examining their "treasure."

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