Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Racing Day!

In mid-October, Dan took Dominic and Joseph out to Victoria for the Fort Hays State University hosted cross country track meet at the Sand Plum Nature Trail.  There were hundreds of runners, which made for an exciting time.
Dominic and Joseph patiently waited for the first race to start on Brungardt land.

The women lined up for the race.

Round the curve they went!

Up one of the many steep hills on the course.

And the men were off!

Down the hill they went.

Way down!

After a while, they had to go back up this hill.  Makes me tired just looking at the picture!

The finish line!

Joseph and Dominic with the cannon used to start the races.

Daddy and the boys.

The boys with their great-uncle, Fr. Al.

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