Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Year of the Turducken!

Thanksgiving 2013 was a good day.  We cooked one turkey in the turkey fryer, and the other one was baked.  The baked turkey was special, as it was a Turducken:  a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey.  No, we did not stuff the birds inside each other ourselves.  We bought it already done.  I can only imagine how messy that must be!
Turkey fryer turkey got injected with a Cajun sauce.

After this, the kids got busy ripping up bread for the dressing.

Pause for a few smiles.

At the right time, Dan slowly lowered Mr. Tom into the boiling oil.

There he goes!

Dominic stepped on the do not cross line that Dan drew around the turkey fryer.  Anthony busted him.

Yep, I mean you.

All done!  Doesn't that look good?

The kids couldn't wait to dig in!

The Turducken, fresh from the oven.

Time to slice it up.

Isn't that interesting?!  It came with a rice stuffing inside.  The Turducken tasted good, but I wouldn't want to get one every year.

Let the feast begin!

After the feast (and clean-up and napping), the kids played dodge ball with Daddy, except with a football.

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