Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Training

Batter up!

Dan got the kids some baseball gear, so for the last week or two, it has been baseball fever around here.

Dan hits the ball to the kids so they can practice fielding it.

Anne pauses for a smile.

Stop the ball, Anne!  (I don't think sandals are the preferred footwear for baseball, though.)

Dominic is getting ready for the grounder to come his way.

Catherine in action.

Ball boy #1

Ball boy #2
If it is warm enough for just jackets, the kids will grab the gear and go play baseball together in the afternoons.  They take turns hitting the ball (we have the T-ball thing) and fielding.  I still have my glove from when I was growing up, so I get to play sometimes, too.  So, we've definitely got PE class covered these days!

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