Monday, February 23, 2009

So What Did We Do On Our Anniversary?

Has this ever happened to you other married couples?

A few weeks ago we came up with these grandiose plans to go somewhere for our anniversary. As in, without kids. Dan had a 3 day weekend and it seemed like a great idea. We quickly ruled out driving because nothing close was appealing and so we started looking for somewhere warm and fun to fly to for the weekend. Florida, South Carolina, California, the Texas coast. Dan was checking out airfare and hotels. It was all quite exciting.

Then, reality set in and we realized that our little trip would be expensive, and we didn't actually have to go far to "get away" for the weekend. (Especially when you just bought a house and are trying to replenish your savings!) We could still go out and do a few things we can't do with all the kids (like eat at a nice restaurant, go to a movie or some kind of show) and stay at a hotel "in town."

Then, we started having trouble figuring out babysitting for the kids and our weekend away got cut down to dinner and a movie on Saturday night, the eve of our anniversary.

Then, it got cut down to dinner out on Sunday, early evening.

Then, last week, we got hit with a wave of sickness, and we were dealing with croup, fevers, ear infections, vomiting, crabby kids, etc. Not to mention lack of sleep. So we cancelled the babysitters, assuming we would still be dealing with sick kids yesterday. The sickness seemed to clear, thanks to some antibiotics, and we probably could have called someone at the last minute to watch the kids, but Sunday just seems like it should be a family day, so we all spent it together and it was a nice day.

So, what did we do on our anniversary weekend, instead of an exciting, romantic getaway?

On Saturday afternoon and late evening, we got our taxes ready to file, except for one 1099 form we are waiting for. Actually I should say, Dan got them ready with the help of Turbo Tax, I just reviewed them. Saturday late afternoon, we went to confession and then it was off to a family dinner at KFC! By this time the kids seemed mostly better. That night I only got up one time with Joseph, so we got more sleep. Yay!

Sunday morning started with anniversary cards and Mass together as a family. We had a lazy afternoon, and then some outside time. For dinner, Dan deep fried some chicken, french fries, and apple rings. For dessert, I made Dan's favorite, Creme Brulee. So we had a nice family weekend. And we got a good laugh out of where our plans ended up after that grandiose beginning!

And don't worry, we are going to plan a date night soon!


Dawnie said...

Sounds kind of like the way our anniversary plans went...we started with dreaming of a long weekend getaway to a cabin at a state park in Arkansas...then realized we had really spent all of the money in our "vacation" fund this summer going to visit family in Louisiana...but our kids didn't get sick, so we did go out to eat at a nice restaurant at least! It was fun...maybe we'll get that weekend away in about 2 years?

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

We can always dream, can't we? And hey, it's fun just to plan it!