Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

A few days ago I decided to make some sugar cookies with the kids. I didn't get any pictures of us doing the mixing, rolling, and cutting out of cookies, but here are some pics of the frosting and decorating. Here is our kitchen (don't look at the mess!) and each kid has his or her own chair. Yup, some fight prevention going on there. :)Mommy mixed up the frosting and put it on the cookies, then passed them to the kids and they got to decorate with sprinkles and candy hearts, yippee!
The boys are concentrating hard, while Catherine says, hey mom, quit taking pictures. I need another cookie to decorate!
Oh, we are having fun. See that pink dish Dominic is reaching for? That contained the candy hearts. Those were very popular. :)
As you can see, sometimes the sprinkles didn't make it onto Joseph's cookies. And none of the candy hearts made it past him. Catherine was the most creative with hers.Here are some of our wildly decorated Valentine cookies. Hearts, flowers, and butterflies. The ones with every millimeter covered with every kind of sprinkle/candy we had were done by the twins. Yup, those were the ones that if you picked them up and tipped them sideways, half of the stuff would fall off.
We had great fun decorating our cookies (and eating the toppings!). We wish you all a very happy St. Valentine's Day!


Dawnie said...

Oh YUM! Can we come over to your house for Valentine's Day next year! mmmmmmmmmmm! I REALLY want one of those cookies!

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

Come on over! We've got some left! All the stuff piled on top gives Dan a case of the shudders, so he doesn't eat them. Doesn't bother me at all. :)