Thursday, February 19, 2009


Our house is again being taken over by sickness. It started last Friday when Joseph came down with the croup. Poor little guy with his seal barking cough. So we had a few sleep deprived nights there. He finally seemed to be getting better except for a bad cough, when on Tuesday afternoon, Catherine started complaining that her ear hurt and so she didn't sleep well that night.

Then, yesterday, Catherine woke up and began puking every 30-60 minutes for half the day and her earache moved to the other ear. Last night, Joseph got really fussy during the night and today is pulling on his ear and saying, "Ouch!" And he puked once this morning.

Then when I got the otoscope out to check Catherine's ears today, I discovered one of her eardrums (the second one affected) had ruptured. Wow, that happened in less than a day's time. And, when I finally pinned Joseph down to check his ears, one of them is infected. So, yup, Dan gets to stop at the pharmacy on his way home from work today.

On the bright side, Catherine is no longer puking and has eaten some Cheerios. Joseph has not puked anymore and is taking a nap is his own bed. Anne and Dominic have runny noses, but otherwise seem fine. For the moment, anyway. At least those two have been playing together very nicely today. For quite a while, they were happily playing "Bob the Builder," which is a favorite game where Dominic gets out his toolbox and they sit on the stairs "fixing" things.

Now the big question is: WHO'S NEXT?


Dawnie said...

Oh, you can tell it's February when all the kids are sick! This is the first January/February in several years that we haven't battled several rounds of illness--thank goodness!!!

Hope everyone is better and STAYS better soon!

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

I hate to say anything but it looks like we are better around here. All this sickie stuff makes me not want to go anywhere!

Glad you guys are healthy. That would make your last weeks miserable!