Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zoo in March

Anthony on a donkey in the Children's Farm.

Kids brought their own cameras today.  Joseph borrowed Dominic's.

Anne goes for a ride.

Boys with the pig.

It's great when you can pet the animals.

Anthony found a new friend.

Neat picture of turtles taken through glass.

Who says homeschool kids don't know how to stand in line?

Checking out the anaconda.  I'm glad it's behind glass!

The giraffe got a bite with its eyes closed!

Anne took some notes.

The boys in a rare still moment.

Caught napping.

Those girls.

Watching the work on the new elephant exhibit.

That was as interesting as the animals!

The zebra is one of Anne's favorites.

African Painted Dog.

The kids always have fun at the zoo!

Goodbye for now.

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