Wednesday, April 22, 2015

January Snow With A New Kind of Fun

After it snowed in the beginning of January, the kids got this idea for a new kind of sledding.  New, at least, for them.  Our hill is not huge, so high speeds were not reached with this activity.  Thus, I was able to watch, taking pictures and videos without freaking out!  :)

There goes Anthony, standing on the sled.

Dominic looked like a surfer, or at least, a snowboarder.

And a crash!

Joseph's turn.

What is this little face saying?

Anne posed while, behind her, Catherine went for it.

Anne was ready to try.

I think Catherine was having a good time.

Ooh, now for the duo challenge.

In this first short video, Anthony needed a little assist:

Joseph's turn:

Not all trips ended standing:

Backwards somersault, anyone?

Three kids down for the count:

At last, success!

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